Enterprise Storage Appliance

Infinite scalability, thanks to the industry-proven Ceph back-end. Power and cost efficiency brought by the ARM-based storage architecture. Ultimate resiliency to multiple failures ensured by erasure coding, and automatic data rebalancing technologies, and a constantly high level of performance provided by industry-leading StarWind Virtual SAN as a front-end.

StarWind Fractal SAN

For enterprise customers who need to store large amounts of data, the solution is StarWind Fractal SAN. It solves storage-scaling problems and delivers linear scalability beyond petabytes by utilising a Ceph cluster running on hundreds of independent ARM-based storage bricks. StarWind Fractal SAN ensures that the storage infrastructure maintains the ultimate level of performance by bringing in the power of industry-leading StarWind Virtual SAN and its server-side caching, log structuring, and deduplication technologies.

Enterprise Storage Appliance ensures the always-on business operation by providing unprecedented resiliency to multiple simultaneous component failures by means of using erasure coding, automatic data rebalancing, and other innovative storage technologies.

24 Bay 'Storage Node' Shelf

48 Port
1GbE Switch

Controller Node 

10TB 3.5” SMR HDD

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