The Exos Difference

Catalyse the datasphere by enabling datacentre architects and IT professionals to deliver trusted performance, solid reliability and ironclad enterprise security while lowering TCO in demanding 24×7 operations.

Designed to handle the most rigorous workloads with capacities up to 16TB, the Seagate Exos enterprise class drives are perfect high-reliability solutions for servers, storage systems, and business-centric NAS systems. Whatever your applications, there’s an Exos drive for it.


Exos X16

The Exos X16 enterprise hard drives are the highest-capacity hard drives in the fleet. Maximum storage capacity for the highest rack space efficiency.

Perfect for: Hyperscale applications/cloud datacentres

3.5", Helium, SAS, SATA


Exos X14

Enhanced areal density, robust drive-level data security and integrity for when the drive is at rest, recording, or retired.

Perfect for: Hyperscale environments

3.5", Helium, SAS, SATA


Exos X12

Latest technology with highest storage densities delivering efficiency for demanding enterprise hyperscale applications.

Perfect for: Hyperscale.

3.5", Helium, SAS, SATA

8TB & 10TB

Exos X10

High-capacity, high-performance enterprise hard drives optimised for maximum TCO.

Perfect for: Hyperscale and traditional datacentres.

3.5", Helium, SATA

1TB – 8TB

Exos 7E8

Confidently store up to 8TB of data without sacrificing performance.

Perfect for: Mainstream bulk data storage.

3.5", SAS, SATA

1TB & 2TB

Exos 7E2

Enterprise durability within reach.

Perfect for: Most economical enterprise drive per spindle.

3.5", SATA


Exos 5E8

Super-efficiently archiving.

Perfect for: Archival data.

3.5", SATA

1TB & 2TB

Exos 7E2000

Efficient high density server solutions.

Perfect for: Enterprise-class boot drives, blade servers and dense servers.

2.5", SAS, SATA

300GB - 2.4TB

Exos 10E2400

Scale up to 2.4TB quickly with the industry’s highest capacity hard drive for mission-critical applications.

Perfect for: Mission-critical server and storage arrays.

2.5", SAS

300GB - 900GB

Exos 15E900

12Gb/s SAS drives for blade, rack and tower servers with Seagate Secure and enhanced cache for reliably faster time-to-data.

Perfect for: Mission-critical server storage.

2.5", SAS