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QuantaStor Storage Grid Technology

QuantaStor Storage Grid Technology

QuantaStor SDS was designed with an advanced storage grid technology which enables QuantaStor storage appliances to be linked together and remotely managed as a single unit. 

OSNEXUS storage grid technology eliminates the complexity that historically has burdened storage administrators of traditional storage solutions. Rather than having to manage the security, maintenance and monitoring of storage systems one by one, the grid technology makes it easy to manage huge multi-site storage environments with a heterogeneous mix of hardware.

Grid Technology

With QuantaStor's grid technology, IT administrators can link together a mix of local and remote appliances into a grid and then fully automate operations via the QuantaStor REST API and CLI.

API call routing to the correct storage appliance is automatically handled by the storage grid so administrators can use the REST API, CLI and web management interface through any appliance in a storage grid to manage and monitor all appliances in a given storage grid.

The amount of time and labour savings that comes with managing storage as a grid rather than a disconnected set of appliances cannot be understated. Storage grid technology makes capacity planning, security management and provisioning faster and simpler.

It also enables QuantaStor SDS appliances to easily work together to solve complex challenges for a variety of applications and workflows ranging from media and entertainment to life-sciences. Storage grid technology is key to improving IT agility in large organisations and ultimately saves companies upwards of 50 percent or more on storage management costs.