"If you’re considering deploying an SDS solution and looking for simplicity, flexibility, and savings, ESG Lab suggests considering OSNEXUS.”

  • Simplified provisioning and assignment enabled and assigned by QuantaStor’s vendor neutral management capabilities
  • ESG Lab created Ceph OSDs on each node. This process automatically created the required RAID protected storage pools and the journal devices (SSD) to be used by the Ceph OSDs without any further intervention
  • QuantaStor Grid could be independently expanded or reduced by simply adding or removing nodes

ESG Lab First Look: Simplified Scale-out SDS for Block, File, and Object

ESG Lab performed a hands-on test of QuantaStor by deploying a scale-out, Ceph-based block storage solution in under ten minutes.

The percentage of organisations that are
interested in leveraging software-defined
storage (SDS) as a long-term storage strategy.

The percentage of organisations that consider
themselves prepared to implement SDS solutions using
open sourced software and commodity hardware as a
do-it-yourself (DIY) deployment.

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