Solid State Drives (SSDs) set the standard for storage performance, stability, efficiency, and low power consumption. With no moving parts, Intel’s rugged SSDs are excellent for use in devices and for applications that require speed and reliability.

Whether you’re dominating competition or powering critical enterprise applications, there’s an Intel Solid State Drive tuned specifically for every need. Available in a variety of form factors and capacities, enjoy reliable, responsive storage performance—whatever the application.


Cache Acceleration Software

Improve Application Performance with Intel Cache Acceleration Software (Intel CAS) Today’s datacentres are held back by storage I/O that cannot keep up with ever-increasing demand, preventing systems from reaching their full performance potential. Traditional solutions, such as increasing storage, servers, or memory, add huge expense and complexity. Intel Cache Acceleration Software (Intel CAS), combined with high-performance Solid State Drives (SSDs), increases datacentre performance via intelligent caching rather than extreme spending. Intel CAS interoperates with server memory to create a multilevel cache that optimizes the use of system memory and automatically determines the best cache level for active data, allowing applications to perform even faster than running fully on flash/SSDs.

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